Accessories & temperature monitoring

In order to best match your requirements,  PROMAR can offer customers a customised product with a selection of accessories, functional options  and temperature monitoring  equipment



These include:

  • temperature thermometers : infra red system to standard dial size with read-out from outside.
  • shelving in stainless steel, plastic .
  • sticker and address label holders including working sheet holders.
  • reinforced wheels with brakes.
  • dollys for ease of handling  the weight of smaller containers.
  • lockable door systems.
  • unobstructive temperature monitoring devices.
  • eutectic plates for positive or negative temperatures and dry ice container equipment.Please always specify the intended operational temperature required.
  • cables for either main power or vehicle power source specifically designed.
  • thermographs with saving recorders for retention before downloading  to a computer with  specifically adapted cables.
  • thermographs with wireless capabilities.