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A product range including the famous  Iso-Pharma-Tainer

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Maintaining the cold chain is made easier today and accessible to everyone

PROMAR offer a wide choice of temperature controlled (mobile or static) solutions  adapted to your particular application .

Our solutions are compliant with the most stringent regulations (ATP, HACCP) and designed above all for the harsh environment of the distribution. Some have been tested in the UK by CRT of Cambridge and have proved to be ideal for many applications.

The ISO- REEFER-TAINER is a choice of containers from  16  litres up to 900 litres sold for many years in the UK and in Continental Europe to the pharmaceutical industries,  laboratories,water and food producers for test and samples ,catering businesses etc… there is no limit as the products will work in a band of temperatures from – 24⁰C up to  +40⁰C . subject to specification choice.


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  • Maximum efficiency in fast reaching  and maintaining the chosen  temperature.
  • An excellent CFC free  insulation allowing ATP certification as proof of quality.
  • The loading and off loading of your goods without breaking the cold chain.
  • A noiseless  operation using  various sources of power 12/24 volts dc, 110 to 240 volts mains , wired permanently or using cigarette lighters etc.
  • The sturdiness you need for daily use in a harsh distribution environment.
  • Seamless  construction inside and outside fully rotomoulded.
  • A heating facility offered as an option for temperature up to 40⁰C and to warm up the container if the inner temperature has been allowed to drop below the operational temperature required.
  • Digital controls to allow a clear view of what is happening.
  • An alarm system to warn you of any temperature incidents.
  • Extremely low maintenance cost.
  • Recyclable at 90%.
  • Adapted for the transport in various vehicles from car to car derived vans , vans, trucks and trailers.
  • Temperature recorders wired or wireless can be adapted as options to record the events.
  • Safely lockable if it is required.

Iso-Reefer-Tainer product specification: Please click on the following link :

reefer container technical specification 31 08 2013

any difficulty with the metric system  try the following link:


NB The specification document is subject to E&OE . The manufacturers reserve the right to modify and alter the products at any time and as a consequence. PROMAR does not accept claims for such changes.